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I have identified Aurfscan, and similar to the search of the Itron — does everyone else know of any acceptable clones for 11m? (Stationmaster MkII etc)

I head lots of people twiddling with SSTV on ch30 usb the opposite working day. I didn't have the perfect time to arrange the computer to get the images, so I'm hoping they're frequent on that channel.

Everyday from 7am to 4pm NZ would can be found in. 26.500MHz (ch15 NZ) you can set a contact out for enough time and possess 50 % of NZ come back for you.

As for VHF marine, That could be a amazingly productive and dependable band (guess This is why it was dedi'd to maritime and aviation is slightly below it). I could get the regional marine rescue some fifteen-30km inland "as the crow flies" on my VHF radio when It truly is in the car. Also routinely in summer listen to Sydney MR stations coming by some 350+km south of us but you cannot depend upon them Commonly.

Once again, they may try out the stunt they utilized to do from the 1980's with CB and search for cars and trucks with HF antennas. Nonetheless it ties up a great deal of means instead of Substantially return.

I had been on Mt Tambourine about twenty five decades ago and I pulled up on the dangle gliding launch and I was copping some splatter. I seemed close to and saw a stationmaster on a pole beside a vehicle.

One issue which has me intrigued is if the authorities do crack down on unlicenced SSB proprietors.

Now you are only a joke! Typical Uniden UH100s back again Once i was applying them and they have been the trend were all carrying out the 100km hike to one of many repeaters above the selection, which include some GME TX4000/4200's. I discuss of your WAL08 which then blows out way further than Armidale. Receive a clue!

I would like it absolutely was just like the previous times when there were people on all channels chatting like standard individuals instead of supplying each other crap and obtaining eyeballs etcetera and producing new close friends.

I used to be an avid CB person from when my father bought his 1st SSB CB radio while in the mid 70's. I had the pleasure of creating lots of lengthy distance contacts including Anchorage in Alaska from our base station setup in regional SE QLD. all on our home made 3 factor yagi.

How correct it more info really is, is anyones guess but he is very quick to show you he runs a fm900 which has a "seat hotter" on 2m and 70cm. I remember some crap over it currently being upwards of two hundred watts.

Looking at as how this thread has long been taken to this point off matter any way, must we just continue to make use of it, or do you believe we should always do a thread on propagation, antennas, ham stuff generally speaking?

I've seen some fascinating movies on youtube about BPL which renders the HF spectrum ineffective as a consequence of sounds getting s9+20 just about everywhere.

There continues to be loads of pretty fascinating issues in there and I'd endorse connecting your Personal computer soundcard into the scanner and finding some of the application for several modes and many others.

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